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Online education has become an effective alternative to classroom learning. Learning online offers many advantages, like reduced cost, the convenience of studying from any place and time, and without strangers coming to your home. Statistics [1,2] show that online college math courses as well as school level math classes have proven to be enormously effective in learning mathematics. Here are some reasons why:

1. Increased interaction with teacher improves student focus: A large number of students report [2] that learning college math online in a one-on- one setting helps the student concentrate and stay engaged on the subject, resulting in improved academic results.

2. Personalized learning and individual approach: Everyone’s learning patterns are different. In a typical school setting it is difficult for a teacher, teaching several classes each with 20-40 students, to gain a comprehensive understanding of the progres level of each student. It is even harder for a classroom teacher to devote the necessary time to help students who are lagging behind. MathIsYourFuture’s personalized approach allows us to quickly assess a student’s math learning ability to accommodate their individual learning needs. Our online math classes cover grade school to college level math and our teachers all have a deep understanding and passion toward mathematics.

3. Our technologically modern approach encourages students to think outside the box: MathIsYourFuture’s technologically modern approach to learning helps students to internalize and comprehend math concepts, as opposed to just memorization. The software we use to conduct our online classes brings new life into the conventional boring methods to learn college math online through using effective visualizations and one-on- one interaction.

[1] Study finds that online education beats the classroom
[2] How do freshman engineering students reflect an online calculus course? B Boz, M Adnan - International Journal of Education in Mathematics …, 2017

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