How to prepare for ACT math section?

Well, you chose ACT over SAT and now the exam day is getting closer and closer. It’s time to take your first ACT exam prep. “But where do I start?”, you may ask. Well, here are some tips:

1. Improve concentration. It may sound strange but it will help you avoid making basic mistakes like mixing up minus with plus or getting in trouble doing trivial multiplication. You can look up some tips from dozens of articles on the internet.

2. Learn basic formulas. One of the main differences between SAT and ACT is that there are no formulas at the beginning of a section. By learning basic trigonometry, geometry and algebra formulas is sufficient. You can find this information by Googling “act online prep” or something similar.

3. Practice your skills! Since we have started talking about ACT preparation online, you can find a ton of tasks with different difficulty levels. A huge variety of word problems, equations can be found on the internet. You just need to have a strong will to pass the test!

With that being said, we wish you good luck on your upcoming exams!

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